How to: Woven Wall Hanging

Woven wall hangings are all the rage right now, whether they are woven, or a no-weave version, they certainly add character to any room and I love that making these means IRead More…

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Positive and Negative Paper Grid Art

Hot summer afternoons are perfect for family crafting around the table. Simple paper and glue collage projects are low-prep and fun for all ages. This paper grid art is a fun wayRead More…

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9 Over-the-Top Cakes You Can Bake at Home

Crazy, yummy, and fabulous cakes are all the rage right now. The more over-the-top, the better! If you’ve been wanting to try one of these awesome over-the-top cakes yourself, then I’ve got nineRead More…

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13 Yarn Pom-Poms for Home Decor

Have you ever made a yarn pom-pom? If you haven’t, drop everything and go make them now! They are the easiest craft and look super cute when finished. Yarn pom-poms are soRead More…

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25 Make-Ahead Meals for the Family

Let’s be real. Who has time to make a homemade meal every night for dinner? Not most of us, right? That’s where make-ahead meals come in. Spend a few extra minutes preppingRead More…

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