Hey yall, my name is Leslie. I guess I was always a crafty girl, when I was young, I was always making stuff and I believe it started when my mom bought me a kiddie sewing machine! Since then, I have always wanted to create and reinvent items that people would cherish.

I’m a wife and mother of 5, yes!!!…almost grown children. Wow, how did that happen so fast? I’m only 43! But they are my creative inspirations and I love each and everyone of them. With that being said, I guessed I crafted them into beautiful young adults..lol. After years of helping with projects, creating volcanoes, and even a sea turtle cake and etc, I knew I had grown to love creating things.

And… so basically now, I am always JUST CRAFTIN!

Yep, according to my husband, I am. He has calls me everyday and ask me what am I doin’ and the answer is always, JUST CRAFTN!!!

As a matter of fact, when I decided to create this website, he was the one who came up with the name. I told you he is totally awesome and he designed the website and blog for me too!!
He’s awesome, I am so lucky!

This is my guy and he is the best!!!!

The creativity, motivation, and drive I have to make memorable treasures comes from these 6 important people in my life. Here are the kids…. From right to left…Taylor, Curtis Jr. Jaylin, Maiya, and Elijah.

More about me…

I live in NC which provides me with natural elements to keep me inspired such as our beautiful beaches, our gorgeous mountains, and 4 seasons that we enjoy very much!!

So I love the outdoors!

As life goes on, I found myself going through many avenues from college and receiving a degree in Biology, to working behind desks and eventually ending up in a Pathology lab, I was never happy. I always wanted to use my ability to create things and I believe that the human body has been created long before me..lol!

Tragic struck in 2013 and becoming ill and after 3 surgeries, I was depressed and falling into a slump. Then one day, some one called me and asked could I make some wedding glasses as a gift. (light bulb!)

That was the answer!! Get back to what you love doing…JUST CRAFTIN!

I finally realized it was time to jump in and do what I love wholeheartedly!

And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

No time like the present….NOW.

Major life events have a way of doing that to you, let me tell ya!!

I am enjoying creating glassware, making wreaths, restoring furniture & home decor ….to bring joy to everyone else.

I’m so happy to share my story and I hoped you’ve enjoyed it!

So, lets have fun and….

JUST CRAFT”!!!!!!!!


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