Pistachio Shell Wreath

On first glance I thought this was a wreath made of succulents… but it’s actually painstakingly constructed from individual pistachio shells (and it took 20 hours to finish!) Powered by WPeMatico

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Pokemon Go Craft: Pokeball Tin

My kids love to play Pokemon Go, and I love that it gets us all out of the house and doing something together (see a whole       More Crafty Awesomeness… Knot TyingRead More…

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DIY Bandana: Scout Craft

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or Cub Scout, a bandana is an essential tool in scouting. It is super versatile – a bandana can keep your hairRead More…

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Flag Retirement Record

Many in the US fly the flag of our country with pride daily. Over time, the flag can get worn, torn, or soiled beyond repair. At that time it is appropriate toRead More…

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Knot Tying Practice Sticks

One of the coolest skills I learned while in Girl Scouts was lashing. With some sticks and rope, I can lash together just about anything! And that all stems from the abilityRead More…

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